Backseat Views

“Back Seat Views” is a series of eight color photographs of the back seats of automobiles from various vantage points within the cars

The inspiration for the series was a casual photograph I happened to take of the back seat of a 1979 Lincoln Continental. That image not only conveyed a pleasing abstract beauty, but evoked a surprising number of associations: of luxury and intimacy and freedom, all within the larger social context of a specific historical period.

Out beyond the frames of the car windows, landscapes are visible, thus developing a secondary theme of the work: the relationship between object and environment. Also present in these enclosed spaces, especially those of the vintage automobiles, are traces of generosity and humor and, if you look closely, an over-the-top affluence that today evokes a sense of lost innocence.

Artists Unite Poster Project for the MTA-New York City Transit – 2013 thru 2015

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