The Lipstick photographs are a series of 20” x 24” color close-ups of used lipsticks, with each print titled with the name of the lipstick’s owner. They are distinguished by their striking variations in form and texture arising from the owners’ individual techniques of application.

The everyday, factory, ‘ready-made’ product turned into a uniquely surreal and subconscious image – a sculpture evolving from a private daily ritual taken for granted. A personal object/process that reveals , through colors and shapes, a relationship of imprint at the periphery of the body.

The genesis of the project came after walking out of the Whitney Biennial with a friend of mine in New York City. Rosie, dropped her lipstick, so I pickup it up and unscrewed it for her. The shape was incredible. Rosie’s lipstick excited me more than anything I had seen at the Whitney and sparked this photographic work.

Lipsticks at Art In General, NYC – 1994

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