Rorschach Striptease


“Rorschach Striptease” is a 25-minute color video featuring five segments of men and women, in silhouette, joyously stripping off their clothes to the rhythm of an original dance soundtrack. A special effect makes the images appear in mirrored form.

Shot against a bright flat background upon which are projected a variety of undulating colors unique to each segment, the film employs a split screen device which reverses one-half of the dancer’s image so as to make each dancer appear to be two individuals –a moving Rorschach ink blot upon which to project our fantasies.

Celebrating the sensual and sexual, the non-professional dancers move as they wish, sometimes “mirroring” the techniques of professional ecdysiasts. A flat black shape in a throbbing field of color, each moving body continues to collide upon and swallow parts of itself, only to be reconstituted: a head is decapitated, then returns, a neck turns into a pin, and morphs into a Hindu god. We see what is before us and what is not.

Stacy & Plowright. Photograph by Erik Hanson, 1992.

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